Engaging Kids in the Moving Process: Turning Packing into Playtime

Moving to a new place with https://www.flashmoving.net/packers-and-movers/ can be a whirlwind of emotions for everyone involved, especially for children. They might feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even resistant to the idea of leaving their familiar surroundings. However, by transforming the packing process into a fun activity, parents can involve their kids in the move, making them feel excited and valued. Here’s how to turn packing into playtime:

Box Decorating Contest:

Provide children with colored markers, stickers, and paint to decorate their boxes. They can get creative, drawing pictures or labeling the boxes with the contents. This not only keeps them engaged but also helps identify what’s inside later!
Packing Show & Tell:

Allow your child to pick a few of their favorite toys or items. Before packing them, let them tell a story or explain why these items are special. This can be a great moment to bond and reminisce.

Treasure Hunt:

As you pack, create a mini treasure hunt. Hide small trinkets or candies among the items to be packed, and let your child find them as they help.

Box Fort Building:

Before sealing up those boxes, let the kids have a go at constructing box forts or castles. It’s a fun way to use the empty boxes and let children’s imaginations run wild.

Dress-Up Relay:

When packing clothes, turn it into a dress-up relay race. Kids can try on various clothes and do a mini fashion show, making the tedious task of folding and packing clothes much more entertaining.

Packing Picnic:

Turn mealtime into a packing picnic. Lay out a blanket in the living room, and enjoy a meal together amidst the boxes. It’s a fun break from the moving chaos and a way to create new memories in the old home.


For every room or set of items, craft a short story. For instance, while packing the kitchen, talk about a magical culinary adventure, or while boxing up the living room, reminisce about memories associated with specific items.

Sticker Labeling:

Kids love stickers! Allow them to use color-coded stickers to label boxes. For instance, blue for bedroom items, yellow for toys, etc. It’s both helpful and entertaining.

Dance Break:

Create a moving playlist. Every once in a while, take a “dance break” to shake off the stress and inject some fun into the process.

Goodbye Ritual:

Once a room is packed, let your child say a proper goodbye. It can be a short speech, a song, or simply turning off the lights. It provides closure and helps them process the transition.

Turning packing into playtime is about more than just keeping kids entertained. It’s a way to involve them, acknowledge their emotions, and ensure that they view the move as a positive, shared family adventure.