Is it even worth resorting to the services of companies and hiring movers and a car?

Moving with, whatever it may be – apartment, house, cottage or office – always consists of several stages:

This, first, the preparation for the move – we must buy packing materials – boxes, bags, paper, foam, tape, to agree with the company-carrier, that is to determine the day of the move.
Secondly – collecting things, dismantling furniture, packing things.
Third – the day of the move, when you need to load everything into the car, transport and unload.

All this takes at least a week:

Finding and buying packing materials – 1-2 weeks before the move.
Finding a company based on reviews, ordering a car with movers – a week.
Packing and collecting things, doing an audit – within a week before the move.
Disassembly of furniture – 3 days before moving.
Loading things in the car – the day of the move.
Transportation and unloading at the new location.

For the entire move takes a week in a busy schedule, where you spend working and free time, packing and doing energy-intensive work – disassembly of large furniture can take several days. So yes, order moving with movers in any case worth it: you will save not only effort, but also time!