Prepare your home for guests

It is not surprising if by the time the party is held your house has not yet taken on its final look. Perhaps not all the expected furniture has already been installed, not all boxes with things have been unpacked, etc. This is not a problem and the guests will certainly treat you with understanding. However, you still need to try to make your house look like a dwelling, and not a warehouse.

If there are unpacked things, put them in one of the rooms, so that they do not interfere with anyone. Keep in mind that guests will certainly want to inspect your accommodation and will go into all rooms. And not necessarily in your presence. Therefore, if you want to hide something from prying eyes, collect everything “secret” in one room and close the door with a key. Or, in extreme cases, put up a sign asking you not to enter.

All other rooms in the house try to bring in the most presentable form.

By the way, if you decide to abandon the idea of ​​a common feast in favor of a buffet table, do not forget to make sure that each guest can find a place to sit down. Not necessarily in the same room, you can arrange several zones in different rooms. Moreover, a large number of people who are not united by one large table are still divided into small groups according to interests and acquaintances.

If you are expecting guests with children, prepare for this. First, remove items that children, inadvertently, can break or break. Or worse, hurt yourself. Secondly, if possible, prepare something that will keep the kids busy: toys, board games, or cartoons. If very small children are expected, it is good to provide a secluded place in the house where the baby can be changed or put to sleep.

Do not forget about such “little things” as the presence in the house of a sufficient number of towels, napkins, toilet paper, etc.