Based on our experience, there are several common reasons staff move fails. In particular, they include the company’s inability to:

Ensure proper training and involvement of employees.
Clearly define goals.
Plan everything carefully and allocate enough time by move with
Maintain control over employee compliance.
Understand the unique needs and motivations of employees.
Choose a service provider that has experience in staff relocation.
Enlist the support of senior management.
Enlist the help of external services in advance.
It is very important to correctly explain to the staff the reason for the move in connection with reasonable business goals. Employees must understand the reasons why a new location has been chosen, the goals that can be identified and achieved, and they must be aware of the benefits and amenities of the new location. Engaging supporting resources early in the planning process is essential to success. With the right organization of the move, staff losses, absenteeism and administrative time are reduced.