Relocation and renovation

A move to a new apartment, office, or business space often follows another major milestone—renovations. In this article, we will analyze all the stages of repair work that can in one way or another affect the housewarming.

Before the renovation
The main thing at this moment is to approach scheduling wisely. “Delicate Moving” has more than 20 years of history in the market of moving services. We have accumulated impressive experience, including in organizing relocations immediately after the completion of repair work. We keep internal statistics, which says: at least 80% of such moves are eventually postponed due to the postponement of the repair completion date. At the same time, most often there are not hitches in a couple of days, but significant changes in the plans of those who are moving – repairs are delayed for several months or more.

Therefore, our main advice is still at the planning stage – be sure to provide for a “backlash” in time between repair and relocation, do not plan them “back to back”. Pawn at least a couple of weeks, even if you are completely confident in the contractor who will carry out the repair. It is better to exercise forethought and insure than to find yourself in a situation where, say, the time has come to vacate the rented premises, and the repair in the new one has not yet been completed.

The second important point of preparation is to free up space from furniture and things. Of course, this does not apply to apartments in new buildings or other premises that are new to you. But if, for example, a renovation is planned in a lived-in apartment, decide in advance where to place the furniture, appliances and other items. Moving things from room to room as repairs are being carried out is not a good idea. This is the risk that, firstly, you can damage, stain, spoil property, and secondly, complicate and delay repairs. To avoid trouble and secure your belongings, use the service of storage during the repair. The specialists of our company will arrive on the appointed day, completely vacate the premises (if necessary, dismantle the furniture and pack things) and deliver all the items to the warehouse. Where we will securely store them until the repair is completed. And then, at your call, we will return everything back, arrange and put it in its place. Quickly, conveniently and with a guarantee of safety.

After renovation
The main thing that should happen between the repair and the move is a thorough cleaning of the premises. We recommend that even at the time of drawing up an estimate for repair work, lay a certain amount for the services of a cleaning company. Some plan to do the cleaning themselves, but in this case, it is important to consider that cleaning after a repair is very different from the usual cleaning up and may require the use of special cleaning products and even equipment. If you still decide to do the cleaning yourself, plan on it for several days and read in advance on the Internet what equipment you will need in the process.

Please note that some repair companies include cleaning as part of their services. But even in this case, do not rush to refuse cleaning activities! Most likely, the builders will really put things in order after the completion of their work. But you can’t call such a general cleaning, and it’s most likely that you won’t be able to drive into a shiningly clean apartment after it. Literally a day or two after the repair specialists leave the room, the dust will settle, which is still filled with the air in the freshly renovated room, and cleaning can be started over again.

Cleaning well before moving is an important step. Don’t neglect them. After all, in any case, you will have to cope with the consequences of the repair and restore order. And to do this in a still empty room, without furniture and things, can be an order of magnitude faster and more budgetary than after moving. In addition, moving to a clean apartment will be faster. For example, you can quickly lay out things in cabinets that are pre-washed from dust. The movers will cope with such a task in just a couple of hours, completely freeing you from the need to spend time and effort on unpacking things.

Moving “for renovation”
Of course, it’s great if all the contractors have complied with the agreements announced in advance, the repairs have been successfully completed on time, and the cleaning service has brought absolute cleanliness. Moving to such an apartment or office is a pleasure. But what if you still have to move to a room where the renovation is not completed? Let’s just say it’s difficult, but possible.

Here are our tips for those who are about to move “for repairs”:

Immediately before moving, evaluate the readiness of work in all premises. Choose a room where the renovation is as complete as possible and put things in order there. It can be used for storage of property.
It’s good if you manage to organize the process so that only one service works in the room. If there are movers, repairmen, cleaning service employees in the same apartment at the same time, then overlaps in work cannot be avoided. Yes, and with whom to ask for the safety of things in this case – it is not clear.
Especially carefully approach the choice of a company that will come to the rescue in organizing such a move. It is better to choose a contractor who has similar experience.
Consult with the selected moving company. It may be worthwhile to provide for more careful packaging of furniture, appliances and things in order to avoid dust and other contaminants.